Wilted From The Sun

Wilted From The Sun from Green & Brown
Conor Redig, guitar/vocals | Geoff Dolce, violin/vocals | Jim Tuerk, organ/piano

Wilted From The Sun, Lyrics
I imagine you / Bent up like a straw / Your shirt untucked / Your fingers wide to the wall / Wilted from the sun
Oh how I’ve envied you / Thinking that you knew / And dreamt and now you dream / That you still burn / The way you did
Lips like they drank wine / Skin flushed out and bleached / Feet half out the end of the bed / Wrapped up in a mess of white / Wilted from the sun
But you never will / The way you could have / The way you might have should / The way you should have been

RJM from Green & Brown
Conor Redig, guitar/typewriters | Jim Tuerk, guitar/organ | Geoff Dolce, violin | Sam Koentopp, kick drum | Alex Hall, Shakers

Petal On A Rose from Green & Brown
Conor Redig, guitars/piano/vocals

Petal On A Rose, Lyrics
How you gonna do this to me? / After all, I defended you / You my petal on a rose